Proof of gold

YOUR gold is guaranteed

The Proof of Gold is part of our code of conduct and a solid control system that ensures and proves the existence and your direct ownership rights over the gold.

Information regarding the exact quantity, location, transport status and the ownership of the gold you have purchased and stored, is provided through reliable and verifiable sources independent from DENARO. By comparing the data from different and independent sources, the customer can easily check and verify the accuracy of their DENARO account statements and secure solid evidence of their gold ownership.

The Proof of Gold consists of two different sections:

Proof of Existence

proof that your gold is stored in the vault in the quantity that is recorded and stated by DENARO

Through the following reports you can compare the data and verify that the total gold amounts declared by DENARO, match those declared by the secure storage company.

  • On a daily basis, we publish an anonymized list of all current 
    accounts and their balances.
  • On a daily basis, we publish the deposit certificates 
    issued by our secure storage 
    partner which verify the exact amount 
    of gold deposited
    by DENARO and on behalf of our customers.
  • On a monthly basis, we publish our 
    inventory list of the gold bars issued by the secure storage
    company, with information about
    manufacturer, grade and the serial number of the gold bars.
Independent external audit
  • Every six months we publish the full Audit report compiled by a leading consulting firm that encompasses the quantity and quality of the gold that is stored by our secure storage partner on behalf of DENARO and their customers.

Proof of Property

Public ownership certification of gold

At DENARO we have chosen to use a Blockchain-based register in order to certify and guarantee the ownership rights and daily balances for our customers, in a public, verifiable, tamper-proof, and immutable manner. 

  • To guarantee the ownership rights, in addition to the official documentation which is regularly provided by DENARO (invoices, details of the orders, account statements), we also register the customers’ daily balances in a public, pseudonimous and decentralized Blockchain ledger.
  • The public listing of the balances is made in an anonymized format to safeguard the privacy of our customers, who are the only ones that are able to identify their account and the related balance.
  • Using Blockchain technology to record and publish the relevant information prevents anyone, DENARO included, from modifying the daily balances of the deposit accounts, altering transaction details or tampering with ownership data.

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